Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

A foggy mist filled my life
It was thick and so deceiving
I only felt my way to and fro
like a snail slowly creeping
then one day a blinding light
and the mirror told the truth
shocked was I to see my face
I saw someone I never knew
 God spoke to me, a change must come
"I'll go  with you every step"
and in my mind I knew I could
I can't fail ....for I have his help
so I listened to his sweet voice
and each day my strength restored
I know He has a bigger plan for me
all I can say is ...Praise the Lord
He is  with me every day
He gives me peace and joy and love
He will reveal His power in his time
so I can rise above
My eyes are now wide open
for there's a greater goal at hand
and that blinding light shines down on me
and it is here I gladly stand

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Dove and the Owl

It's getting to be that time of year Jesus birthday.I wrote this little poem last year I love it and wanted to share it with my friends...
The Dove and the Owl
A little white Dove perched on a branch cooing
A wise old Owl ask? Dove where are you going?
I'm not sure, the Dove answered, but I must follow that star
"May I rest in your tree, I've been flying so far"
"That bright star? ask the Owl, "I noticed it too"
"North I should think" as he gave out a hoot
"Yes", said the Dove, "that's what the cattle all say"
Just over in Bethlehem, even the donkey's did bray"
"May I come along?" The wise owl did hoot
"Oh yes " said the Dove, with a soft little coo
The Dove and the Owl flew off into the night
Onward to Bethlehem with the stars guiding light
"THERE!" cooed the Dove, "Do you see what I see?"
"Hoot Hoot" said the Owl as they sit high in a tree
The stable is full, there are cattle and sheep
The Wise Men and Sheppard's, and the new Baby sleeps
"Oh, I must bring a gift" The Dove looked all about
"Peace on earth has been born" Hoot, Hoot said the Owl
With a soft little coo the Dove took a chance
He flew down to the manger with a small olive branch
Mary just smiled and took the branch in her hand                                      Peace on earth has been born, Jesus,  God's great gift to man

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family God is good

Friday, December 3, 2010

Do They Have Sharks In the North East?

Shark Attack

No...Not really ...but it looks like a shark got a hold of my leg ...I would post photos but ...that may be a bit much.
I am staying away from the computer as much as possible because I have more pain when I am sitting...

Needless to say I will be learning this stuff pretty slow....not that this is any news flash ...lol...

but just a little up date on my progress 

I havn't got any test results back from the lab when they did the surgery.

Next appointment is 13 and 14 ...yes another trip to h***

but I have to go ...

Did you know all Doctors are stupid...they don't know what it takes to care for a wound of this size...slap on a bandage and go ...yeah right

I told the Dr. that it wouldn't stay ..He said he guaranteed it would...before I got off the table it was falling off...lol...I am going broke buying gause and tape.

and the tape don't stick ...ugh ...it is frustrating all the way around...

Okay enough of my complaining ...time for a little poem ...

Maybe an oldie ...

Just Another Winters Day

Just another winters day
Snowflakes dancing in the wind
The north wind blows as if to say
A long cold night will soon begin

Spring gave way to Summer
and Summer into Fall
And fall surrendered all it's beauty
As if to answer Winters call

A snow white blanket on the ground
With a Winter moon so bright
The sparkle off a covered field
Illuminates the night

Just another Winters day
Look close and you may find
Comfort for your weary soul
and long awaited peace of mind

Awaken from the grip of death
Behold the simple things
For soon the eyes will grow dim
No more to see the birth of spring

Just another Winters day 
One more long and cold Winters night
Such great wonders all around
Upon a blanket of snow white


God is good

love and prayers 

Sally Jo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trying Something New....well for me ...


       I don't mind change but when it is forced on me I get a bit crazy.

I am sitting here now arguing with my daughter about how to do this ...I will get it ..I will.