Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

A foggy mist filled my life
It was thick and so deceiving
I only felt my way to and fro
like a snail slowly creeping
then one day a blinding light
and the mirror told the truth
shocked was I to see my face
I saw someone I never knew
 God spoke to me, a change must come
"I'll go  with you every step"
and in my mind I knew I could
I can't fail ....for I have his help
so I listened to his sweet voice
and each day my strength restored
I know He has a bigger plan for me
all I can say is ...Praise the Lord
He is  with me every day
He gives me peace and joy and love
He will reveal His power in his time
so I can rise above
My eyes are now wide open
for there's a greater goal at hand
and that blinding light shines down on me
and it is here I gladly stand


  1. Hey, girlfriend! You've been busy here. Good job! Now I need to figure out why I didn't get the notifications.